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New Music

This page provides a "sneak peak" at new projects.  Most of these demos are for streaming only but the sheet music is available for sale in digital format in the "Shop".

The audio downloads are available on some songs at a reduced price of $1.00 since they are not yet fully mastered and ready for release.

It is You, Eres Tú  A powerful contemporary song that expresses the awe and wonder of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, sung in both English and Spanish. 

Jesus is Here is a communion song about how Jesus is present in the Mass... in the assembled people of God that make up the body of Christ,  as the Word of God that is preached, and in the most holy Eucharist that is offered to the Father.  The song is set in a contemporary style arranged by Tracy McDonnell for piano and voice.  The recording features Tracy on piano and Ed on vocals. 

Psalm 95, If Today You Hear His Voice  A beautiful contemporary acoustic setting of this powerful Psalm "If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts..." 

Every Valley is an up-beat Gospel song based on the Advent readings from Isaiah "Every valley will be raised up. Every mountain and hill will be made low."  Features full choir with piano, bass, drums, and Hammond organ

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Because He Rose is a powerful song of hope and faith for those who grieve the loss of a loved one:  "...Though my eyes might fill with tears, my heart surely knows, we will meet again... because He rose!"  Solo vocalist accompanied by piano and backed by a Gospel choir.  

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Be My Shepherd is a Gospel song based on Psalm 23, featuring electric guitar, bass, and drums

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