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Contemporary settings of ten of the most commonly used Psalms written for guitar and voice with harmony.  Congregations can't help singing along with these memorable and melodic refrains, and the lyrics are straight out of the Lectionary.  An excellent resource for any youth, college, or young adult liturgical music ministry!

Includes the following:

  1. Ps 18   I Love You Lord
  2. Ps 25   Remember Your Mercies
  3. Ps 34   Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord
  4. Ps 40   Here I Am
  5. Ps 85   Lord Let Us See Your Kindness
  6. Ps 89   Forever I Will Sing
  7. Ps 116 I Will Walk in the Presence of the Lord
  8. Ps 118 Give Thanks to the Lord
  9. Ps 128 Blessed are Those who Fear the Lord
  10. PS 137 Let my Tongue be Silenced


Psalms Vol.1 Songbook, Guitar/Vocals

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